Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Winds of Change that Blew

Hello to all four of you readers! Forgive me, for it's almost been a year since my last post. I've done the things. I've made the things. I've moved the things.

Let's start with fitness. Vinyasa is my yoga of choice. I love it. I've been sucked into the yoga culture and am a big fan of the hashtag #yogaatanysize. You all know that I'm a #curvyyogi and it's important for me that everyone understand that yoga isn't about being skinny and bendy. It's about the journey to being at peace with yourself. With every breath comes self discovery. A dear friend of mine- Melissa- has a company called Balance and Brews, where you go to a brewery, have an hour long vinyasa session, and then tour the brewery and try samples. I was actually able to attend one of these sessions at Butcher and the Brewer on E. 4th in Cleveland, Ohio and can't wait to go to more. That will prove to be difficult for me, because of point two. By the way, if you can get to Butcher and Brewer, please do so!

I haven't weighed myself since Christmas, but I'll tell you that I'm down about 50 pounds. What? Yes. I need to do much better with my diet and not eating grains, but otherwise things are going well. I'm still working out with my trainer every other week, but now we do it virtually via Google Hangout. Because I have a hard time emotionally when I weigh myself, I'm trying to measure my fitness by non-scale victories (NSVs). I'm getting much stronger. I am doing leg presses with 125 pounds and upper body work with 25 pound dumbbells. This summer, the guns will definitely be out. I decided that it would be a great idea to sign up for a 10k. Forget the fact that I've only been really running sprints. Forget the fact that I haven't run outdoors in like 6 months. How about the fact that I'm looking at 6ish miles at one time? And even crazier than that is the idea that I may sign up to run the Akron Half Marathon this year. Run, run as fast as you can...

Washington, DC. Yes, this Cleveland Princess is now a resident of the DMV. I love it so much! Although I've been working a lot- two jobs, guys- I've been able to do a quite a few local things. I've gone to Regional Food and Drink for Browns games, because of course your girl is a member of the Washington DC Area Browns Backers Club. I got a chance to go to the Baltimore Zoo for Zoo Boo. My little boy dressed up as a Punkleton from My Singing Monsters. I went to Denizens Brewery on New Years Eve with the other beer loving revelers and had a blast. And we were spies at the International Spy Museum after having great pizza at Matchbox in Chinatown.

Spinning. So many things! I participated in Spinzilla 2014. and though I didn't spin the most yarn, I was the chattiest of my group. My Majacraft Suzie and I had a great time getting to know each other. I tried spinning from braids, batts, and rolags and found that my favorite was my rolags from NaturallyKnitty. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to spin since then, because I have been knitting all the things. I'm looking forward to spinning in the spring and summer, as my bff got me a cup holder for my spinning wheel for Christmas.

Knitting. I knit two pairs of stripey socks (one for me out of Alina Shea Creations shmerino, and one for my son out of Knit Picks Felici Sport Self Striping). I  knit a stripey hat for a friend's Christmas gift out of fingering weight- Mirasol Yarn Hachito. That took forever. ha. I also knit three Monster Cowls out of Desert Vista Dyeworks Worsted It! for gifts for my sisters.

WIPs/In the Queue. I'm currently working on lots of things. I'm definitely not a monogamous knitter. On the needles, I have: a pair of stripey socks (Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the colorway Summertime: Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff), a set of With Pints On mittens (Premier Yarns Serenity Fingering), a Watercourse (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Marble Heather), and a Viajante (Gynx Yarns Merino Lace in Erza). Coming up is a crocheted Katniss shrug for a friend. Sorry, no link for that one because I think I'm going to wing it. Once I finish With Pints on, I'm going to cast on my next colorwork project- a pair of Cat Face Mittens for the boy. I have two hats that I am itching to knit for myself as well- Little Nonsense and Split Back Snowflake Hat.

Sewing. Nothing new to report except for lots of drawstring bags in my shop. I am getting ready to sew lots of circle and pencil skirts to go with the graphic tees I have accumulated. I swear my t-shirts multiply while I'm sleeping. Pretty soon, I'll need a closet just for my shirts.

Fashion. As you could probably tell if you looked into my closets and saw the massive amounts of shirts I have now, I have been doing some shopping. I haven't put together too many new outfits, but I'm going to try much harder to catalog my new Curvy Fashion Finds. I have also become enamored with crocs dress shoes. I'm going to write myself a note to give you guys a review on my pumps when they arrive.

Randomness. Last year, I read 75 books. My goodreads goal for this year is 100. I'm doing pretty well and already have 8 read. I just finished a great one- Ash by Malinda Lo. It's an lgbt spin on Cinderella and fabulous. I did a mini review here, but read it for yourself. I'm currently reading I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book. I have the audiobook for Death Masks by Jim Butcher waiting for when I'm finished with Love the One You're With.

I started my Adventures in Dating. It's weird, and mostly online right now. I have also started tweeting a lot more. Find me @haizlebaby.

Hopefully I'll see you all again soon. Until then, knit fast. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

B's, HOs, and mo'FOs!

I want all 4 of you readers to know that I've been quiet because I've been studying. No, really. You should be very proud of me! My Organizational Leadership course is over and I ended up with a B. I'm in the final week of my Quantitative Reasoning for Business course, and so far I have an A. If I do okay on the final, I could end up with a B there too. I mean, an A would be dandy, but a B is just fine. haha

I have been productive while I've been away. I have a HO:

The first sock in a pair of Caffe Macchiato. I used Knitter's Nightmare yarn Iron Maiden in Electric Fish. I incorporated a Fish Lips Kiss Heel which is absolutely amazing.

I also have a FO:

Flax sweater for my son. What whaaat?! He loves it! He's worn it three times since I finished it.

In other news:

I started doing yoga! I took a beginner series and think that maybe it is for me. I'm trying to decide which area I'd like to practice. I'm thinking vinyasa might be what I like the best.

I signed up for a Gwynnie Bee account. So far, I'm loving it. Stay tuned for a review and pictures.

And last but certainly not least... I am going to be having a No Pants Summer along with my friend Andi of How Unseamly!. Beginning May 19 and ending September 1, I will only wear dresses and skirts. I have been preparing for this by buying more fabric. Seriously! LOL I did buy fabric and a few patterns and am planning on sewing at least 10 items for this. Seems like I'm going to be a busy lady. Let me get off of here and get to sewing!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm dying with no cardio in my life.

I'm serious, guys.

Between not being allowed to exercise and not having time to do any serious crafting, my stress level is through the roof. My poor family that has to deal with me! I also suspect that this stress is the cause of the 24 hour stomach bug I contracted this week.

Confession: I haven't finished anything in more than two weeks. I have one thing that's so close to being finished that I can taste it, but I haven't finished it. That would be my on the tube mitts. Other than that, nothing even close to being finished.

Confession: I have a lot of WIPs (works in progress). At the time of this blog post, I have 10 active WIPs on my sticks and needles. This is not including the few things I have in hibernation. At this point, the only thing going for me is that I have no lingering half finished sewing projects.

Speaking of sewing, last week I managed to scoot into JoAnn's during their big MLK weekend sale. I bought these:

And I also bought this:

The fat quarters will be reversible travel bags for a friend. Well, at least some of them will be. The bottom is for what I hope will be my next winter skirt (with pockets!). I'm still trying to decide between a twill and a cotton fabric. Maybe I'll make two! A girl can never have too many skirts with pockets.

My current school course is in week 3/6. It's rough, but I'm hanging in there. I feel so old. They say you're never too old to learn, but you sure can be too old for all-nighters!

Maybe I'll have a finished object or two the next time I write. I wish for happiness for you all. Until we meet again!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two weeks in review

Today is Sunday, and in the past I've spent my Sundays either playing flag football or lazing about. Not today though. Today was the first Sunday (of many, I'm sure) working at my part time job. It's a lot of standing, but it was actually a good time. I'm meeting new people and they're all very nice. What a bonus! I'm finding that I really like working this second job. And it's helping me with my plan for financial security.

During week one, I had nuclear imaging done on my thyroid. I was nervous for no good reason. During week two, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist to discuss the results and plan for the future. I was surprised to find out that not only do I have Grave's disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, but I also have Hashimoto's disease a disorder that causes hypothyroidism. Basically, my thyroid hormones are all out of whack. I'm hopeful that eventually these two disorders will cancel each other. Because the thyroid effects the heart, my doctor has forbidden me from running or doing any extreme cardio until my levels are normal. I'm kind of bummed about that. But hopefully within the next two months, my hormones will straighten up and fly right. Then it will be back to the sweat and tears part of my life. Until I am allowed to run again, I'm thinking of taking up yoga. It can't hurt, right?

January 7, the day the temperature reached -11 degrees here, my next school course started. I'm officially back in my MBA program. The course is called Organizational Leadership, and I'm very interested in how it can be applied to real life. I'm pretty sure that next up is Quantitative Reasoning, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Believe it or not, I haven't done anything yarny. I've got to get some swatching done for a few sweaters so I can start them asap. I also need to get cracking on a new pair of socks. I have decided for this month's project, I'm going to go with a new skirt and maybe an upcycled jacket from the thrift store. Pictures to come soon.

"If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do." ~Lucille Ball

Until the next time.

Resolutions worked on:
  • Go back to school {DONE!} and make a dent in the required courses for my MBA program
  • Get my financial affairs in order
  • Run a half marathon

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolution Schmesolution

On January 1, blogs everywhere suddenly are given a new life. Bloggers decide that this year of all years, they are going to dust off their blogs and really do something with them. At first glance, that's what this may seem like- brushing off my old blog to give it a try. I suppose on the one hand, that's what I'm doing. On the other hand, I just want somewhere to put my thoughts.

I try to save all of my resolutions for my birthday in August. I think I only made one this year- to be on time. I have done that for the most part, although I've had a few times here and there that I haven't made it. I'm not perfect and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I still have 7 months to keep it up, but I'm not worried about it.

So I guess you're wondering why I'm here then. I do have goals for this year and I'd like to write them down.

  • Create 12 outfits. 
  • Knit 12 pairs of socks
  • Knit or crochet 7 sweaters
  • Go back to school and make a dent in the required courses for my MBA program
  • Get my financial affairs in order
  • Run a half marathon
  • Blog more
I would also like to work on getting things done well before deadline. I always feel like I'm rushing to beat the clock. I really need to work on that. 

Well, here's to a whole new year to not update my blog! Cheers. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Multifaceted Life

I sit around and think about this blog a lot. Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to get it started. And I wonder what the point of it all is. What do I have to say that anyone would want to hear? I haven't written on here in a while because my answer changes each time I ask the question. Well guess what. I'm going to start writing this blog about... everything. Not just exercise. There's so much that goes into not being "That Mom" that it's hard to separate and compartmentalize.

First of all, I've been working out like a maniac. Every week, I'm making an effort to try something new or do something different. So far, I've tried Tabata circuit training and Zumba fitness. I have also amped up my running.

Tabata circuit training was intense! 60 minutes of cardio torture using a step platform, weight bar, hand weights, and boxing gloves. We did planks, crunches, high knees, tricep dips... Anything you wouldn't even think of, she had us do it. That being said, I think the instructor was amazing. So many people were there, and not everyone was on the same level. She managed to keep us all engaged and did not let anyone give up.

As much as it sounds weird to say it, Zumba fitness was FUN. The moves included within the routines made me feel like I was a hip-hop dancer. It made me forget about the clock (come on, I know I'm not the only one who periodically peers at the clock, hoping that time is almost up when really the hand has only crept up 5 minutes) and think about the dances. The only bad part was that about halfway through the class, my feet started to hurt. I think my shoes were too big from the start and were offering me no support. So instead of quitting, I took my shoes off and kept on dancing. I'm resourceful like that. I wonder if Zumba would be a good reason to try out those Vibram shoes.

I'm going to have to buy new shoes anyway, because I've been running a lot. I am not sure I'll make my goal of running a half marathon in October, but you can bet your butt that I'll be able to do a good 7 by the time we do the Akron Marathon relay at the end of September. I've been averaging 3 runs per week, increasing mileage every week. I was feeling pain in my knee and real discomfort in my shins, but my coach friend, Jaji, told me about an awesome product called Rock Tape. I tape my shin and knee once and week, and the pressure and pain is gone. What a way to bring me back from the edge of despair.

And now that this post is super long, I have to mention that I have started using My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise. That helps hold me accountable for what I eat. I hate counting calories, but it has to be done. It's a fairly easy way to do the tracking- just do a search for the food you ate, add it to your meal and there you go. It even calculates how many calories you've burned by exercising.

I am also taking part in a challenge given by the hosts of The Knit Girlls, a podcast for fiber lovers.  The 4k challenge runs from May 24-August 5th. Basically, the challenge participants much use 4,375 yards of their fiber stash within the time frame. I've already completed about 1200 yards and have lots going for more! (Pictured below is project #1: a Wonderful Wallaby hooded sweater for my 7 year old son.)

No new clothes for me yet, but things are falling off. Methinks it's time for a shopping spree!

Until next time, remember: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."~Aristotle